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During 2008 through to 2011, Takeabow19 worked on possibly his biggest and most challenging project to date. Released on in early 2013, with a total running time of two and a half hours, Muse The Movie is a feature length documentary following the rise of the band’s career. The documentary tells the story of Muse beginning from their ‘Battle of the Bands’ performance in 1994 and ending at their homecoming gig at Teignmouth in 2009.

Initially produced with no desire to take the project further, Takeabow19 released the original Muse The Movie trailer in late 2008. After an unexpected reaction to the video, he was encouraged to go ahead and produce a feature length documentary featuring all the best moments of Muse’s career, from live highlights to fans’ favourite “behind the scenes” clips.

In 2010, whilst work on the movie was in full swing, he released a reworked trailer which reignited fans’ interest around the project and held a number of small audience reaction screenings across the country.

Shortly before its release in early 2013, Takeabow19 uploaded the first 24 minutes of the 2.5 hour movie to his official YouTube channel.


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